wk 5 – Insolitum

Artist: Katherine McRaven

Exhibition: Insolitum

Media: Studio Art, sculpture, drawing, 3D printing

Gallery: Dutzi

Instagram: Spirit_rose_a_metre






Katherine McRaven is a student at CSULB studying Studio Art. She takes interest in creating useful things out of unconventional, unrelated, or recycled items. She mostly makes jewelry and hopes to create enough inventory to open a shop.


The first thing to catch your eye when entering the gallery is a wall full of metal triangles. They have very rustic and earthy tones, but are cut so clean they remind me of glass. There were also a few 3D printed items on display, mostly items that resembled something you’d find in nature, like this sculpture that looks like icicles.



Katherine pulled together materials and ideas from various points in history and different cultural backgrounds to create each piece. In her piece “I” (pictured below) she laser-etched the design onto vinyl then heat transferred in onto metal. Corinthian columns or Victorian motif are recognizable in the piece that portrays a simply stated “I” next to a decorative flourish.


When Katherine sets up “Untitled Triangulation #2” (first picture) it’s always different. She arranges the triangles in a way that she feels reflects her mood while setting them up. This piece, then, serves the purpose of reflecting her mood, rather than making one statement.



Katherine’s use of natural, archaic, and modern ideas interests me because it’s not something you see everywhere. It’s common to see antique ideas, but not so many different ideas from different times and cultural backgrounds are brought together to create one piece. This breaks many rules about consistency, but instead of considering the rules broken, I’d like to consider the rules absurd and unnecessary.


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