Wk 5 – Spray Paint

September 25, 2016

This week I was planning on going to Venice Beach to participate with the class in this activity, but then life happened and…we all know how that gets in the way sometimes.

So I bought a piece of wood to paint at home. Looking back I probably should have gotten something a little bigger since my name has eight letters in it, and an easel would have made it easier, but I’m a rookie.

Luckily, pink was one of the colors I got in my art kit. It’s my favorite color and I don’t see how I could have possibly done this project if I wasn’t working with my favorite color. It’s, like, a big deal, or something.

I didn’t know where to start, so I figured I’d paint the whole board blue to get myself a background.


After the first squirt of paint hit the board, I realized that the beach would have been a MUCH better place to do this. There wasn’t much of a breeze, so the smell was strong. I looked at my boyfriend with puppy dog eyes, looking for sympathy.”Do I have to do this?


I still didn’t know what to do, so I just dove right into spelling my name.

Then realized that I REALLY had no idea what I was doing. I tried out the different can tips on the back of the board to familiarize myself with them, but I was still lost. The S came out blurry, and I made it too big. Once I got the rest of my letters on the board, I decided flowers would be a good idea. Even better, I wanted to make them purple, so I tried to mix the pink and blue to create something new out of what I have, which is artistic, right?


I couldn’t get purple. As you can see, I got frustrated. Under that concentrated amount of blue paint was a flower, a very ugly morphed flower.


The paint from my name was starting to drip because I’ve never worked with spray paint before, but I liked the way it looked, so I went with it. And, of course, turned the S into a dollar sign because, why not?


I really like this picture. I think I’m going to make it my new profile picture on Twitter.


And here’s Chris having fun taking pictures of me while I complain.


I’m actually happy with my final product. If Chris wouldn’t mind me taking over our room with my girly things, I’d put it on the wall. But for now, it’s probably going to sit on the patio until the weather ruins it.


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