wk 6 – Wood Exhibition

Artists: Ingrid Gonzalez, Kyle Wallace, Quinn Nguyen, Joshua Smith, Ariel Maldonado, Laura Zhan, Marino Hernandez, Ryan Taber, Briana Pero

Exhibition: Wood Exhibition

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: n/a



Multiple artists took part in putting this exhibition together, including students, staff, and faculty in the CSULB Wood Program and the CRAFTED Wood club.


Though each project was made of wood, they varied in shape, color, and texture. Different types of wood were used to create each project since each type of wood serves a purpose better than another might. Some creations were smooth and seemed fluid while others were more cut and rigid.


The intent of this exhibition is to portray the nature of wood and its significance in ecology. Each artist needed to work with the biological nature of the wood and create something that would fit into our society and serve a purpose. Some pieces would serve more as decoration while others would come into use, such as a desk. Something like a desk would help provide contact and understanding between two people, like a teacher and a student.


I’ve come to really appreciate this type of work. Every week, I tend to gravitate toward the gallery that shows a relationship between nature and the man-made world. In this specific exhibition it’s shown that wood, which already has a role in its own biological ecosystem, also has an important role in our human ecosystem.



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