wk 6 – Zines/flipbooks

I had made a zine once before, but didn’t really get the concept. It was difficult for me to figure out what to write or draw this time as well, even after seeing examples.

After thinking about it for a while I figured I’d document my Wednesdays, the most difficult day of the week for me.

I stitched together sketchbook pages with pink thread, of course.



My Wednesdays begin when no reasonable person would be awake. The Coffee Bean at which I work opens at 5:30am, so my shift begins at 5. It takes me about thirty minutes to get to work.


Customers aren’t always pleasant, especially in Pasadena. They drive nice cars and have huge egos. I’m just a barista. Who cares if everyone dumps their sh*tty attitudes on me? It’s not like it has any effect on the rest of my day.


My shift ends at 9:30 on days that I open. This gives me barely enough time to get to class, especially since finding parking is an absolute terror.


I use my gap to eat dinner and do some homework. I still haven’t been home since I left for work.


Driving home takes about 45 minutes. As soon as I get there, I’m out like a light, but not for as long as I should be.


Wednesdays are exhausting to my mind and body. I usually keep things simple these days. I’ll wear a T-shirt with my work pants, maybe a hat to cover the hair I haven’t washed in a few days. These days are very blah, so I decided to make the documentation of it the same.

I went with simple, to the point drawings because I like to keep Wednesdays as short and sweet as possible. I also went with an alarm clock theme because of how constricted I feel to my schedule.


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