Artist Conversation – wk 15

Artist: Ramona Gomes & Sam Medeiros

Exhibition: May Roded

Media: Print & Sculpture

Gallery: Merlino


About the Artist:

Ramona Gomes is a print making art student he just began her college career at CSULB. Sam Medeiros is a graduating senior who spent his time studying sculpture making.


Formal Analysis:

The exhibit was full of life and color from every direction. Any print or sculpture student could have submitted a piece to sell in the gallery, so Ramona and Sam each only had a few pieces on display. Though there were some duplicates, since the items were all for sale, the majority of the items on display were unique in style, color, and shape.

Content Analysis:

Since this exhibition was voluntary for the students, they got to put on display pieces of their choice in the style of their choice. Most pieces were personal expressions that were relatable to and could be appreciated by most of the audience. 20161207_143450

Synthesis / My Experience:

I admired every piece for the message it contained and for the work that the artist put into it. Proceeds would go toward funding the art programs as well as providing compensation to the artists. I was able to purchase a $10 grab bag of decorative cards.


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