Glenn allowed me the opportunity to come up with our class’s final!

I put together a scavenger hunt for us to do that will hopefully allow us to relax and have a good time during this stressful week.

The class will be divided into 15 or so teams (around 4 people per team depending on how many people show up).

The items on the list are 4 short activities that will be recorded and submitted to @art110final through Snapchat. Once the teams are formed, please designate ONE Snapchat account to submit all of the snaps for your team.

I will pass out the list of items and answer any questions during our final session, Wednesday 2:45 – 4:45 in the Student Art Galleries Courtyard, so please be on time and ready to go!

Once your team is finished, please return to FA4-311 and be seated by 3:45 so we can enjoy watching all of the submitted snaps.

The scavenger hunt will also include a bonus Snap round that will be judged by the class. In order to qualify for this round, the first 4 activities must be completed properly.

The first place team will receive 30 EC points per person!

Second place will receive 20 points each, and third will receive 10 points each.

I am looking forward to enjoying this activity with my classmates!snapchat-for-pc.jpg